IBM Teams with Seriosity

Together, we determine the most important features of multiplayer games that will change business.

Q: What are the most important features of games that will change business?

A: The environments they create that allow leaders, managers and anyone with good ideas to collaborate in organizations that are distributed, global, hyper-competitive and virtual.

Together, IBM and Seriosity have done in depth research to understand how multiplayer online game environments in the virtual world apply to the business world to enhance productivity, innovation and leadership.

What specific features of game environments should business adopt?

  • Incentive structures that motivate workers immediately and longer term
  • Virtual economies that create a marketplace for information and collaboration
  • Transparency of performance and capabilities
  • Recognition for achievements
  • Visibility into networks of communication across an organization

“If you want to see what business leadership may look like in three to five years, look at what’s happening in online games.”
- Byron Reeves, Ph.D., the Paul C. Edwards Professor of Communication at Stanford University and Co-founder of Seriosity, Inc.

Seriosity has developed solutions inspired by multiplayer games.  Our flagship product, Attent ™ creates a virtual economy for enterprise collaboration and a solution to information overload.  Using Serios™, the virtual currency of the Attent ecosystem, the solution enables users to assign values to messages based on importance. Attent also provides a variety of tools that enable everyone to track and analyze communication patterns and information exchanges across the enterprise.   You can learn more about Attent by viewing our demo, reading our datasheet, or trying it now, for free.

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