The Seriosity Lab

Here’s why every enterprise needs a game strategy:

  • Today’s multiplayer online games include the most sophisticated collaboration software available anywhere. (We can help you think about how these ideas can propel your company.)
  • Many in your workforce already play these games. As part of the new gamer generation, they’ll demand that their business software parallel the sophistication and enjoyment of games. (We can help you find out about what your employees are already doing with games.)
  • Game psychology is a huge untapped resource for improving motivation, engagement, collaboration, leadership and innovation. (We can help formalize a game strategy for changing the nature of information work in your company for the better.)

Our Skills

We’ve spent the last five years developing a comprehensive thesis about the importance of games for the future of work. We’ve studied them extensively. We’re familiar with their underlying psychology, technology, economics, culture, politics, and ethics. But even more importantly, we’ve played them, guided by a Seriosity team of game experts who have spent thousands of hours achieving top ranks in a range of game titles, and who are internationally recognized as leaders of successful online guilds.

The Intersection of Business and Games:



Looking for Leaders

IBM and Seriosity research shows how multiplayer online virtual worlds apply to the business world to enhance productivity, innovation and leadership

The Future of Work

How the New Order of Business Will Shape Your Organization, Your Management Style, and Your Life

The Daedalus Project

An ongoing study of the psychology of MMORPG players by Seriosity advisor Nick Yee

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