How does information overload affect you personally?

Too many emails, too little time?
Finding it impossible to get a virtual team to make a decision over email?
Unable to get the attention of a key executive?
Too many distractions that interrupt your work?
Email filters, flags, message templates, workshops, even “email-free Fridays” have all failed to address the underlying problem — the source of emails — “senders”. Only by changing the behavior of senders can one start to address the issue.

Seriosity has an innovative solution that gives your time back and allows you to quickly, easily and clearly communicate the importance of your interactions. It’s called Attent™.With a focus on improving enterprise collaboration, innovation and leadership, Attent enables a monetary-based message prioritization system. Emails are visibly tagged with a currency value that signals the importance of the message. Attent is a hosted solution that integrates with Microsoft Outlook — so you don’t need to learn a new interface.

You can learn more about Attent by watching the demo, reviewing Attent product information, or reading the Radicati Group’s whitepaper on Information Overload in Corporate E-mail. Better yet, you can register for the free Attent beta — right now. Get your colleagues and customers using it, too. We host the solution, so you don’t need to install or maintain anything. Take back control of your inbox today.

* “The cost of not paying attention” – Basex, Sept 2005.