Seriosity Co-Founder Byron Reeves, Ph.D. is a professor at Stanford University and faculty director of the Stanford Media X Partners Program.

He is a leading expert on the psychology of interactive media, including complex multi-player games, and is co-author of The Media Equation.

About The Media Equation
According to popular wisdom, humans never relate to a computer or a television program in the same way they relate to another human being. Or do they? In an extraordinary revision of received wisdom, Byron Reeves and Clifford Nass demonstrate convincingly in The Media Equation that interactions with computers, television, and new communication technologies are identical to real social relationships and to the navigation of real physical spaces.

Using everyday language, the authors explain their novel ideas in a way that will engage general readers with an interest in cutting edge research at the intersection of psychology, communication and computer technology. The result is that The Media Equation is an accessible summary of exciting ideas for modern times. As Bill Gates says, Nass and Reeves show us some “amazing things.”