Seriosity Economic Platform

Since our founding in 2004, we have studied the evolution of successful multiplayer online games to identify design elements that will change the way people will work in the future. We believe the most fundamental opportunities are based on vibrant economies that develop around synthetic currencies. These integrate all manner of signaling, rewards, recognition, exchange, and reputation.

The Seriosity Platform Server provides infrastructure so our partners can build applications focused on their internal and external customers. Think of it as a bank that links our economy to your established business and social network applications via an XML/HTTPS API. The platform server supports functions you would expect, including account provisioning, login, trading of currency, checking balances, user statistics, transaction histories, management of profile information, allocation of allowances, recognition for specified transactions, and, of course, taxes. Users can view income statements, trade information and see engaging presentation of meta-data including analytics and graphical presentations of social metrics and exchanges in their network. Much of this functionality can be seen by simply installing and using Attent™, our first application targeting information overload in the enterprise. We’ve also built SendSerios to demonstrate how Serios can be easily integrated into web applications.

Your Applications

A wealth of ideas for using economic principles to better allocate resources within companies have been published in the past 20 years. Our platform makes it possible to bring these to bear on your most critical resource allocation issues via auctions, your most important collective intelligence tasks via prediction markets, and your most challenging business intelligence goals by enabling information entrepreneurs. Our Consulting Team can help.

We will be using our platform to extend the Attent™ functionality to other messaging platforms, including other email clients and PDAs. In the future, you can also look for us to extend access to our synthetic currency to instant messaging, social networks, and even telephone and faxes. If you can’t wait for us to finish our app on your favorite messaging program, our Platorm Server APIs can help with that, too.

Want to get started now? Contact us at [email protected]