Seriosity’s mission is to change the way people work together in functions requiring a high level of collaboration, communication and feedback in today’s information-intensive business environments.

Our software products and services improve collaboration, innovation and leadership by using game principles that create focus and motivation to align personal and corporate goals. Up to now, these design elements have been missing from traditional enterprise software applications.

We combine the best of these principles to create a synthetic economy, tailor-made for today’s information-intensive enterprise. Combined with our applications to support knowledge workers, the Seriosity solution facilitates a dynamic marketplace of ideas, attention, analysis, persuasion and resource allocation.

This synthetic economy is based on a unit of currency called Serios™. Because Serios are in limited supply, people can send meaningful signals about what’s important by attaching them to messages. Serios flow among colleagues as they seek attention, give feedback, delegate authority and explore the priorities of others.